Our Promise

Here at Rize Dance, we are all about creating a fun and safe environment where our pupils can become inspired while learning valuable life skills.

Dance is an amazing creative outlet for children and several skills can be learnt from taking dance classes. It is great for team building, increasing self-confidence, social skills and of course having fun!

Whether they want to go on to become professional dancers, build up their self-confidence, or just have fun, Rize Dance is the perfect place.

All of our classes are run by professional dancers & instructors who have made names for themselves within the industry. Our instructors have danced professionally for music videos, tv shows, films and more!

We want to give our pupils all the opportunities that we can. After enough training and when our dance crews are ready, we’re planning on signing them up for any upcoming competitions and shows. This will give those who want to (no pressure on those who don’t) a chance to perform at a higher level as part of a dance crew. 

This, however, does not take away from the students who are there to work on other skills, or to simply just have fun!

We’re all about forming a balance where our pupils can have a good time while maintaining a professional structure of the classes to ensure our pupils learn all the skills they can to prepare them for their wonderful lives ahead.

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