Amelia Cammiss

Amelia is a fresh, emerging choreographer & educator with a unique style, forward-thinking ideas and a strong passion for creating trendsetting art which reshapes the way dance is used in live and recorded production.

As an active creative within the industry, Amelia has the ability to provide students with fresh and up-to-date insights on all the latest developments within the commercial, corporate and theatrical sectors, whilst her youthful exuberance and passion for creating success lends itself perfectly to creating highly productive bonds with her students in a class-based format, thus inspiring and enlightening students as to their true potential in a supportive, positive and encouraging manner.
As a teacher, Amelia prides herself on educating students on new and innovative styles whilst maintaining a strong core value of consolidating technique. Amelia excels in encouraging students to explore new methods of movement, taking inspiration from past and present creatives to deliver tailored, unique and exciting classes which encapsulate the needs of her students. Amelia is also well versed in adapting her teaching style and methods of communication to best connect and communicate with students in accordance with their individuality, personalising her approach to a way that resonates and achieves the best results with each unique group/individual.
Come and get your groove on with Amelia in a class filled with dynamic choreography, positive vibes and Infused with style and strength …

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