Dance Workout Classes for Adults

Our adult fitness dance classes will make you break a sweat! These high-intensity cardio & conditioning classes will transport you to the streets of Latin America with its mix of Latin beats and energy. You’ll be burning calories and getting fitter all while dancing to some of your favourite Reggaeton songs featuring artists such as J Baldvin, Nikky Jam, Shakira and many more…

These classes are open to absolutely everyone, no dance experience is needed! Come to have fun and push yourself to the choreographed movements of the top Latin beats. Despite getting very sweaty and working hard, you won’t notice it’s a workout because you’ll be too busy having fun dancing!

We want to bring something new to this neighbourhood and to our community. Our main goal is for our fitness classes to make you feel good and have fun. Burning calories? That’s just an added bonus! 

Our classes will boost your mood and happiness as we’re all in this together and will motivate each other to have the best and most fun workouts each session.

You’ll be leaving your fitness class with a big smile!

So why wait? Book in a session right away.

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